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Mon State Information

Mon State (Burmese: မွန်ပြည်နယ် Mon:?????????????? ???????) is an administrative division of Myanmar. It is sandwiched between Kayin State on the east, the Andaman Sea on the west, Bago Division on the north and Tanintharyi Division on the south, and has a short border with Thailand’s Kanchanaburi Province at its south-eastern tip. The land area is 12,155 km². Mon State includes many small islands along its 566 km of coastline. Its capital is Mawlamyaing, formerly Moulmein.

Kayin (Karen) State

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Kayin State (Burmese: ???????????; also Karen State) is a state of Myanmar. The capital city is Pa-an.

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[edit] History
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[edit] Organization

There are three districts, seven townships and 4092 villages. Kayin State has also one city and nine towns.

Three districts are

* Hpa-an District
* Myawaddy District
* Kawkareik District

Seven townships are

* Hpa-an Township
* Hlaignbwe Township
* Hpapun Township
* Thandang Township
* Myawaddy Township
* Kawkareik Township
* Kyain Seikgyi Township

Hpa-an is one city and nine towns are

* Hlaignbwe
* Hpapun
* Thandang
* Thandanggyi
* Myawaddy
* Kawkareik
* Kyaikdo
* Kyain Seikgyi
* Payathonsu

[edit] Transport

Kayin State is served by Hpapun airport and Hpa-An airport.

Shan State

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Shan State (Burmese: ????????????; Shan:Mongtai.png IPA: [mœ?? t???]) is a state of Burma (Myanmar). Shan State borders China to the north, Laos to the east, and Thailand to the south, and five administrative divisions of Burma in the west. Largest of the 14 administrative divisions by land area, Shan State covers 155,800 km², almost a quarter of the total area of Burma. The state gets its name from the Shan people, one of several ethnic groups that inhabit the area. Shan State is largely rural, with only three cities of significant size: Lashio, Kengtung, and the capital, Taunggyi.[2]

Shan State, with many ethnic groups, is home to several armed ethnic armies. While the military government has signed ceasefire agreements with most groups, vast areas of the state, especially those east of Thanlwin river, remain outside the central government’s control, and in recent years have come under heavy ethnic-Chinese economic and political influence, whereas other areas are under the control of military groups such as the Shan State Army.

Kachin State

Chin State Information

Chin State:


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